The walls of ASADA are filled with the artwork by visual artist and co-owner Roberto Cortez who credits art as a principal inspiration for creating a colorful, bold and quirky cooking style that he and his partner and wife Gina call: ASADA style!!

“Cooking to me is like painting, and an empty plate is like a white canvas. It is in the same wavelength of any other creative process; you combine flavors, textures, colors, different cooking traditions and processes, then you create a new plate.” 

Roberto believes that art can bring awareness that helps people engage and participate in making our world a little bit better. With that in mind he will be donating 15% of every piece of his art sold to Cancer Society of Greenville, a local non-profit organization that helps local cancer patients and their families.  

To see more of Roberto’s artwork and to make direct donations to Cancer Society of Greenville follow the links below.

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