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You won’t have to visit our kitchens to take a piece of Asada home with you. Check back soon to order our bottled sauces online!

  • Asada is one of the best restaurants in Greenville!  Their menu features seasonal and local produce and high quality proteins.

  • Best restaurant in Greenville, hands down. Food is always amazing and fresh. The owners and staff are also great!

  • Amazing fusion!  You have to try the specials. The shrimp taco in mole is fantastic. My daughter loves the churrasco steak.

About Us The Heart & Soul of Asada

Our founders Roberto and Gina bring a world of flavors to Greenville, SC. Roberto, with roots in Nicaragua and a knack for creative cooking, loves experimenting with traditional Latin American flavors, making each meal at Asada a unique experience. Gina, on the other hand, grew up amidst Italian and Japanese culinary traditions and cherishes the joy of sharing a good meal with others. Together, their passion for food and community shines through, making a visit to ASADA much more than just a meal—it's a hearty celebration of diverse cultures and tastes.

More About Asada

More Than Just Delicious Food Art at Asada

The walls of ASADA are filled with artwork by our very own Roberto, who credits art as a principal inspiration for his colorful, bold, and quirky cooking style. Each dish is a chance for Roberto to show his love for art. But you see, food is fleeting. Discover his more permanent creations here.

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